Phone Charger for Samsung SGH-V200, SGH-A300, SGH-E330, SGH-D500, SGH-D600, SGH-E600, SGH-E700, SGH-A800 Connector Smartphone Charging Cable UK Adapter Power Supply 1.4m Lead 2.5W 0.5A / 500mA

Phone Charger for Samsung SGH-V200, SGH-A300, SGH-E330, SGH-D500, SGH-D600, SGH-E600, SGH-E700, SGH-A800 Connector Smartphone Charging Cable UK Adapter Power Supply 1.4m Lead 2.5W 0.5A / 500mA

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Fast charging subtel® replacement phone battery charger and plug compatible with Samsung phones - a Samsung SGH-A200 / SGH-A300 / SGH-A400 / SGH-A800 charger and UK mains power adapter for your smartphone.

Keep your mobile phone fully charged with this fast, safe and efficient replacement Samsung charger and power supply from subtel®.

A 5V smartphone charger with Connector plug socket connector, this new phone charger has been specifically designed for use as a replacement charger for Samsung phones, with 100% compatibility as a SGH-A200 / SGH-A300 / SGH-A400 / SGH-A800 battery charger / power cable and more.

Fast-charging Samsung TADW10 charger

Connector charger – suitable for all mobile phones with Connector charging socket
Fast charger for quick charging breaks – high-speed battery charger with 0.5A / 500mA high charging speed
High-quality materials – featuring a durable, flexible, kink- and break-proof charging cable and plug
Small, compact and space-saving – ideal for taking along on trips and holidays

Smart, gentle charging for extended battery life

Efficient charging – Safe, gentle charging that prolongs the life of your phone battery
Flexible input voltage – 100V - 250V for safe, worldwide use
CE & ROHS certified – with short-circuit, overheating and overvoltage protection

TADW10 Replacement Charger for Samsung SGH-A200 / SGH-A300 / SGH-A400 / SGH-A800
Brand: subtel® Charging Cable
Input: 100V - 250V
Connector 1: Connector
Output Voltage Volt: 5V
Amperage / Output ampere: 0.5A / 500mA
Power Watts: 2.5W
Cable length: 1.4m

3-Year Guarantee
As an international specialist retailer since 2004, we know what matters when it comes to high-quality, fast chargers for smartphones and mobile phones. That's why our replacement Samsung charging cables come with a 36-month guarantee!

Fits the following devices

Samsung SGH-2400
Samsung SGH-A200
Samsung SGH-A300
Samsung SGH-A400
Samsung SGH-A800
Samsung SGH-C100
Samsung SGH-C120
Samsung SGH-C130
Samsung SGH-C200N
Samsung SGH-C210
Samsung SGH-C300
Samsung SGH-D410
Samsung SGH-D500
Samsung SGH-D600
Samsung SGH-E100
Samsung SGH-E300
Samsung SGH-E310
Samsung SGH-E330
Samsung SGH-E330N
Samsung SGH-E340
Samsung SGH-E350
Samsung SGH-E360
Samsung SGH-E370
Samsung SGH-E380
Samsung SGH-E600
Samsung SGH-E610
Samsung SGH-E630
Samsung SGH-E700
Samsung SGH-E710
Samsung SGH-E715
Samsung SGH-E730
Samsung SGH-E760
Samsung SGH-E770
Samsung SGH-E800
Samsung SGH-E820
Samsung SGH-E850
Samsung SGH-E860v
Samsung SGH-N200
Samsung SGH-N400
Samsung SGH-N500
Samsung SGH-N620
Samsung SGH-P100
Samsung SGH-P200
Samsung SGH-P400
Samsung SGH-P510
Samsung SGH-P900
Samsung SGH-Q200
Samsung SGH-R200
Samsung SGH-R210
Samsung SGH-S200
Samsung SGH-S300
Samsung SGH-S300M
Samsung SGH-S330
Samsung SGH-S400i
Samsung SGH-S401i
Samsung SGH-S500
Samsung SGH-T100
Samsung SGH-T400
Samsung SGH-V200
Samsung SGH-X100
Samsung SGH-X140
Samsung SGH-X150
Samsung SGH-X160
Samsung SGH-X200
Samsung SGH-X210
Samsung SGH-X300
Samsung SGH-X400
Samsung SGH-X450
Samsung SGH-X460
Samsung SGH-X480
Samsung SGH-X490
Samsung SGH-X500
Samsung SGH-X510
Samsung SGH-X520
Samsung SGH-X530
Samsung SGH-X540
Samsung SGH-X600
Samsung SGH-X610
Samsung SGH-X620
Samsung SGH-X630
Samsung SGH-X640
Samsung SGH-X650
Samsung SGH-X660
Samsung SGH-X670
Samsung SGH-X680
Samsung SGH-X700
Samsung SGH-X800

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